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Question:  I feel fragmented. What's my next step?
Answer: First, think of it positively. What are you seeking? You probably want to feel whole, right? The fact that you are aware of feeling fragmented is a sign that you are putting all the pieces together. They have to come together in the divine way, not in your ego way. So you have to open up and trust that you will be helped. You cannot push it in any way. The dirt has come loose and you are left with fragments you want to keep. Cherish who you are, cherish the beautiful fragments. You are on your way!

Question: I am in pain. After all the work I have done in my life, how can I be in such pain?
Answer: That's a very difficult one for our culture to understand. We believe as a culture that if we do all the right things, we will be healthy for the rest of our life and die peacefully of old age. Life teaches us otherwise. Read Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, for instance. Life gives us what we need in order to grow to our natural next level. You can ask for healing of any struggle (i.e., health, relationships, material things, etc.), and then you have to surrender how you think this healing should be given to you. Tune in to joy and celebration. You have to have faith and courage to overcome the tendency to interpret what is going on negatively. Use medical means if you need to but no longer believe you have a disease, or a problem. The only problem now is how you see yourself and your life. From the time you ask for a healing on, your whole life is realigning to give you what you ask for. Have faith. If pain increases, it is part of the healing process. If doctors give you negative news, let them do their job. If people yell at you, find your compassion for yourself and for that person. You don't have to take anything personally. Allow your life to transform you. Smile! And yes sometimes the only path is to make peace with what ails us until we die. But we die transformed! The healing does not need to come in the way we think!