Monday, November 21, 2011


Don’t worry … You’re not alone!

Those of us who choose to follow our heart are inevitably at odds with the beaten path. It is not easy to make choices that are not the popular ones. We feel sometimes we may be the one who must be wrong... "Why can't I have a normal life?" "I want to be normal!" I have gone through this and I see many go through this as well.

What is going on?

To follow one's heart means to go outside of the rational and known world. We cannot explain our choices to others, we cannot even explain them to ourselves. We just know because we have tried to avoid it for so long, we have tried everything else, and there are no other choices.

Look at the world...   

You notice the news... Does what you hear and see belong to a world that is sane? Wars, competition that hurts people, terminal diseases, mental illness, rape, abuse, oppression... But those who are said to be insane don't sound as crazy as some of our leaders... And yes there are beautiful cooperative efforts too... But a world that has the negatives I listed is a sick world... and these negatives are symptoms of the sickness, of the insanity... So if you try and fit in that world you lose yourself and if you try to help it become better, you learn to follow your heart...  

Following your Heart

In the beginning, you may find yourself alone... partly because you feel vulnerable, unsure, and doubt yourself... and no one really knows how to support you, how to love you. It is simple really, all a real friend has to do is to be there, to listen to your doubts and your dreams and your fears and your passion... ask how you are... without trying to fix anything or give advice... but not many know that. So for the most part we find ourselves being alone and we are the ones needing to find a way to love ourselves during this phase... The result is, if we show up to our self and keep up, we start expressing our dreams and our gifts more and more and we find the courage and the strength to be who we are more openly. That's when things start to change...

Feeling insane! 

The feeling of insanity comes because we have a conflict inside. We want to be accepted and loved and are scared that, if we follow our own heart without acting like others expect us to act, we will lose their acceptance and their love. That time is important. Trusting you and not worrying about being loved is important. Remembering your dreams is important because they are what you are giving birth to. They will be born when you find the strength to live them without worrying whether they will be accepted or rejected by others... just because you know they asked to be born and they asked to be born from you!