Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Affirmations or Reminding Myself of a Truth?

I got to think about affirmations recently. I never use them. I use something else but without giving it a name. I now think it is what affirmations are meant to be. An example will clarify what I mean.

When I worked for Wyeth as a biostatistician -- biostatisticians do statistics for medical and pharmaceutical research -- I often heard coworkers complaining about never finishing their workload by the end of the day. When I heard them, I promised myself I would always have enough time to finish my work on time at the quality level that I felt happy with so I would not have to stay at work after hours. Whenever I was scared I would not be able to complete something by the deadline given to me, I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I would have enough time. And ... I always did. When I was not done by the deadline, I would often get a call from my supervisor requesting that we postpone our meeting due something urgent coming up, or some other reason. I always had enough time.

 Do you think the climber has any doubt right now?

When I drive somewhere and I realize that there is a chance I may arrive late at my destination, I remember my mantra from work: "I will have enough time!" There is no reason to worry. Either my being late is not a big deal, others will get there even later than I will, or something has come up and the meeting has been canceled without my knowing.

How is this different from an affirmation? Well it may not be. When I first heard of affirmations, I heard of them in the context of finding the right date, or raising one's self esteem. I heard people using them and complaining they don't work. If people just repeat something they don't believe and are trying desperately to create in their lives, it will not work.

What I do is something a little different. I am not trying to convince myself of something I want to believe. I put myself in the space where what I am saying is true. So my "mantra" is just a reminder of this truth. Another way to look at it is, if something belongs to my higher self, it is truth. It may not be a truth I am able to believe from my lower self's perspective, but that only means I am in a space of illusion, believing I am unworthy of something.

Whatever you truly want: A happy relationship, the perfect job, the perfect car... Just put yourself in the space where that is true. I guess that's what the law of attraction is about. But be careful what you wish for ...

There are also hierarchies of desires. Some desires are much more important to you than others. For instance, for me, being peaceful, happy and in harmony with myself and the world are my first priority. Secondly comes my vision of helping create a world where everyone lives from a place of passion and purpose. I thought that being a counselor working for an agency might help me get there... but it has not worked out that way. I was confused at first, until I remembered my priorities. Then my life started to reorganize itself differently from my expectations.