Friday, February 22, 2013

Poem: When I am no longer in my human body

I will miss the light and colors and shades of sunrise and sunsets, the hues and brightness of the stars and the moon, when I am no longer in my human body.

I will miss playing, and sharing ideas and stories with my son when I am no longer human. I will miss the implicit recognition with my daughter who did not share this life with me. I will miss the dance with their mothers.

I will miss coffee and ice cream and flowers and walks and laughing and crying, and especially feeling for and with all my fellow humans, when I am no longer human.

I will miss hugging you and hearing your stories when I am no longer human.

I will miss looking into a lover’s eyes morning, afternoon or night, holding her in my arms and being sent to heaven by her natural fragrance. I will miss watching her come to life when something matters to her. I will miss our impossible fights and our spontaneous love making.

God, I will miss being human and I will miss being horny for merging with the universe and infinite consciousness. I will miss this relationship I have with you, my rebellion against things not working out my way, and my learning to surrender when I come to my senses. I will miss breathing with you.

God, source of everything, source of this love that is so palpable and yet so difficult to fully grasp, thank you for this breath, thank you for this experience. Thank you!