Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fiction exerpt: On Record

Note: The challenge was to write a pure dialogue. The dialogue itself needs to be clear enough to let the reader know the setting and who is talking. I have written this piece as a series of dialogues, interconnected in some way. Enjoy!

~ * ~ * ~

Where did you get this exchange from?

The first part with the master was through the waves emitted by the seeker’s cell phone. The second part was from Google chat.

Put filters on the web so these kinds of exchanges don’t get seen. Enlightenment is dangerous for our purpose.

Yes Ma’am.

What’s your next transcript?

From the White House, Ma’am.

Let’s see.

It’s the president with her secretary, Ma’am.

Mrs. President, you called me?

Yes. What do you think of the latest exchange between the majority and the minority leaders?

To be expected, no?

I think we need to draw attention elsewhere.


I have some ideas … Come over here.

Mrs. President, isn’t this room bugged? Shouldn’t we go outside?

The bushes are bugged, too!

Then, the tape is silent, Ma’am, except we can hear some scratching noises. Our video cameras shows them communicating with each other in writing. The notes were kept by the president. We searched the White House trash cans and the bags sent to the shredding room and found nothing.

The president’s secretary is our plant. We’ll get that information.

Ah! Well, would you like to read the exchange between the majority and minority leaders?

We scripted both sides of it.

They changed the script.

Only the details. Let them think they are in charge. It really does not change the end point.

~ ~ ~

Source, you’ve been over the Akashic records.


What do we do?

Human beings are ready for honest relationships.

How do we do that?

Let the planets do their thing: annular eclipse of the Sun, Venus transit, full Moon eclipse… it’s all good, it’s all good.

What do you mean?

Enlightenment can not be covered up anymore. The hearts will open, just like the seeds grow, and the flowers eventually bloom with proper temperature, soil and light. All the circumstances are just right. Some people have to play out their dark side until they die. But their game plan has already failed. They know it. They don’t know how to stop their own machinery. Just like a car on ice and the driver attempting to stop it. It just has to be played out. Wait and see.

Very well.

Now, about that exchange … that’s a classic! Read it again.

(soon to be published in a collection of shorts called CONSTELLATIONS)