Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Essay: The use of the phrase "Straight and Gays" in politics

Now people who are gay are acknowledged openly by politicians and the military. Whether they talk about them in positive or negative terms, they no longer ignore gay people. That's progress.

I want to see more... because it is still an 'us vs them' sort of a thing, meaning it is still in comparison to being straight, whether spoken of in progressive or conservative terms.

It is time that we think no longer in comparison to our self or to a mainstream, but in terms of individual differences for their own sake. It is time we talk about sexual preferences as unique for each one of us. The phrase 'Straight and Gays' is not representative of all sexual preferences of human beings, and it is distancing rather than bringing together because it is based in terms of a comparison to a mainstream. It is time we talk about the beauty of diversity for its own sake.

When we compare people to a mainstream set of beliefs or rules, we put down our individual gifts and purposes in life, we invite people to give up their individuality, and as a result, we all miss out on the wealth that we each came to share with the world.